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The purpose of this site is to provide information security resources and information for networked or Internet-attached computers, both Windows PCs and Macintosh. It includes both practical measures to secure you computer and instructions/advice on backing up your data.
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1) Essential Security Measures for Home Computers <- Click for document


This is a no nonsense document that briefly gives you the necessary steps (and programs) to secure your computer. (Also applicable for small businesses.)
This includes information that is critical for every Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computer!

This latest version of the “Essential Security” was updated in 2016.

Hightlights of some of new information in this version of the “Essential Security” document:
Now includes an Executive Summary and Checklist for all sections. Many sections updated with important information. Added a section about using WiFi hotspots.

2) Simple Backup Strategy for Home Computers <- Click for document

This document describes the components and steps needed to create and implement a backup strategy for your Windows or Macintosh computer. If you do not yet regularly backup your data, please read the first part of this document.

This latest version of the “Simple Backup Strategy” document is Version 5.5, updated September 2016 .
It now includes the “Bottom Line” section with straightforward recommendations, and then detailed instructions if you want that. It also includes suggestions for online backup solutions, and basic backup options for smartphones.

3) A Detailed Backup Strategy <- Click for document

– You probably do not need to see this “Detailed” document if you read the Simple Backup Strategy above (since the simple one already includes lots of detail). But, if you want more details and discussion of all issues involved with backing up your computer, please see this document. It is a little outdated, but the discussion is still relevant.

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