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When your email account gets hacked into, the first thing to do is the change your password on that account! This will keep the hacker from sending out more impersonating emails. However, there are some other things you must also do immediately. (You also should consider sending out an email to your contact list telling […]

Here is a warning to “Beware of fake Amazon account confirmation emails”: Just a little reminder that you should NEVER click on a link or download a form sent to you via email, no matter how legitimate it may appear! (Even if it IS legitimate!) If you get an email informing you about fantastic […]

There is a huge attack going on right now, affecting hundreds of thousands of websites. When you go to an infected website, you get redirected (I believe via a pop-up window) to a malicious site that tells you that you have malware on your computer and tells you that you can clean it by installing […]

Here is a great (and short) little article about a few simple things you can do to help keep your personal information from being stolen as we all prepare to file our taxes. Obviously, your tax return has a lot of personal information on it that could be used to steal your identity. Take a […]

Hey everyone, did you know that today is World Backup Day? Probably not; it was not that well advertised. However, it is a great reminder that if you don’t have a current backup of your important data (like pictures, documents, emails, financial data, etc. – on your PC or smart phone), then take today to […]

If you have not been receiving UPS notifications, you most likely will be as this one of the latest scam email schemes going around. I have been getting them for the last few days now. See the article link below for more details, but the attachment carries a nasty package of fake antivirus software. This […]

This week I got an email from a friend of mine asking for money since he was stranded overseas because his wallet had been stolen. Although the whole scenario sounded reasonable (I have had friends that this has happened to and this friend does do some traveling), I was skeptical since I knew of this […]

“Millions Continue to Click on Spam” – PLEASE do NOT open spam email; just delete them!! And NEVER purchase something advertised by spam [which won’t happen if you don’t open the email, will it :-) ]. By purchasing something: at worst you are infecting your computer, having your identity stolen, or your bank account tapped […]

“Hackers steal $50,000, bank refuses to assume responsibility.” The reason the bank refused to refund the money was because their policy stated, “the bank must return the money on such occasions only when it is proven that it is the bank that has been compromised, and not the customer’s computer. The bank says it’s probably […]

Not convinced you need to take serious steps to secure your computer? Take 5 minutes and read this NY Times article, “Hacking for Fun and Profit in China’s Underworld” Are you on his list of infected computers?