“Millions Continue to Click on Spam” – PLEASE do NOT open spam email; just delete them!! And NEVER purchase something advertised by spam [which won’t happen if you don’t open the email, will it :-) ]. By purchasing something: at worst you are infecting your computer, having your identity stolen, or your bank account tapped into; at best you just made 1 million spam messages worthwhile by funding their efforts. As Yogi Bear :-) said, “Only you can prevent spam“. The following article explains some very alarming statistics, such as, “Even though over 80% of email users are aware of the existence of bots, tens of millions respond to spam in ways that could leave them vulnerable to a malware infection,” but, “less than half of the consumers surveyed saw themselves as the entity who should be most responsible for stopping the spread of viruses.” They rightly state that, “this is a problem because spam is one of the most common vehicles for spreading bots and viruses.” http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=9063