This website provides free computer security resources and advice for the home and small business user.

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Essential Computer Security

For Home and

Small Business Users

This document provides critical computer security measure for all home users and small businesses

Backing up your computer is critical! Here are some instructions to help you accomplish that.

Updated December 2019

Some essential security for your smartphone; Instructions coming soon.

1. Secure Info on all Computers

Do The Following:

Helping you secure your important information and devices.

Your computers, smartphone, and smart devices connected to the network at home (and on your wrist) are constantly subject to attacks from every angle. Experiencing a computer security breach, or getting hacked with ransomware, can cost you a lot of money (e.g. identity theft or bank credentials stolen) or can cause you to lose irreplaceable photos or financial documents. Please follow the no-nonsense advice on this website to protect yourself.

2. Backup all Information/Data

3. Secure all Mobile Devices

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