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Resources – ID Theft Protection

Here are some resources for further research about various topics related to ID theft and ID theft protection.


General Resources on ID Theft Protection:

  1. U.S. Government Identity Theft Protection Information:

  2. What To Know About Identity Theft:

  3. National Council on Identity Theft Protection: and

  4. Identity Theft Resource Center:

  5. Forbes, “10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft”

  6. ID Theft Info from ChexSystems:

  7. FTC Report Identity Theft and get a plan to recover:


Protecting your Family:


Resources on Freezing and Unfreezing Credit:


Monitoring – Your Credit and Personal Information:


Identity Theft Insurance Resources:


Credit Freeze vs. Fraud Alert:


Disputing Fraud by Mail:


Recovering from ID Theft – Resources:


Avoid Social Engineering and Phishing Scams:


Best Password Managers with Reviews:

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