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Never Click on a Link or Download a File Sent to you via Unsolicited Email

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Here is just one of hundreds of recent articles I could post, that warn you to not click on unsolicited documents or web links sent to you via email or text messages: “Warning: Fake package notification could be dangerous malware”: http://clark.com/scams-rip-offs/warning-about-fake-package-delivery-email-scam/

Just a little reminder that you should NEVER click on a link or download something sent to you as an *unsolicited* email from a company, no matter how legitimate it may appear! (Even if it IS legitimate, you probably still should not click on it.) If you get an email informing you about fantastic news, or dire results, or any other kind of information, that tells you to click on this link, or download this file, etc., just DON’T do it! Instead, open up a web-browser and go to the company's website as you normally would. If there are messages for you, then they will be on the corresponding website. You can always contact the support for the company (or send them the email) to ask if it is real.

(NOTE: This does not hold true if you are the one to ask a company for some information, and a few minutes later you get an email from them. This would not be an "unsolicited" email, but initiated by you.)

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